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Welcome to Porcelain Flowers by Johanna, where you can find your unique hair accessory for you special day.

My name is Johanna, I am the artist behind the jewellery,

On a small plot of land near Agnes Water, my husband and I are living in our tiny house, surrounded by our animals and crops.

From bud to blossom each porcelain petal has been carefully handcrafted by myself for you.  Once fired in the kiln at 1200 Celsius degree, I then use high quality fourteen karat gold filled wire (won’t tarnish) to weave it into the bespoke bridal hair accessory for your perfection.

Using only high-quality bone ash free porcelain clay, granting you peace of mind on wearing cruelty free jewellery.

When I am working with clay, my appreciation for the quiet is always present. I can lose myself in a world of my own making, where time is meaningless, and the attention I pour into each piece has no restriction.

The Hair Accessories pieces in the Shop section are available for immediate purchase (in stock) or will be made to order (made to order) but they are also customisable (change of wire colour, bead colour etc.) so please do get in touch if you like me to make any changes.

I also offer consultation in my Studio (in the beautiful hinterland of Agnes Water/1770 QLD) , via phone or video call. Please contact me to book an appointment. I am looking forward to creating the perfect accessory piece for your special day 

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